Directech digital marketing coming to the West Valley

Directech’s digital marketing project is moving into the West Valley, with high-definition digital commercials set to play in a variety of retail locations this year. 

The project is powered by N-Compass TV.

“It really has caused quite the buzz in Surprise and will soon be seen everywhere you are in Arizona,” said Janet Sisino, regional sales director at Directech. “Our footprint in the north can be seen, even without the snow.”

In an attempt to reach the greatest number of customers in the most effective way possible, Directech has found that installing digital marketing screens in areas where people congregate or even just pass through, is outperforming traditional advertising techniques.

“We have figured out that this truly is the best way to stay ahead of the curve,” Sisino said. “It is 52 percent more effective than print, television, radio, online banners, newspapers or traditional billboards.”

To stay top-of-mind with potential customers and make an impact, you still need to target your demographics and spend your advertising dollars wisely, but this digital platform is a way to spread the information to a wider audience of potential customers.            

“We are bringing communities together with small business branding and awareness, and keeping local business local,” Sisino said.